Spring clean your shower glass

It’s spring cleaning time! In this blog, we’re going to address the issue of ‘water marks & stains’ on your shower glass.

Working at Showerdome, we regularly attend Homeshows around the country, and speak with thousands of consumers during these events. As I’m sure you can imagine, we get all manner of questions regarding anything and everything to do with bathrooms.

Despite not being directly Showerdome® query’s – we have done our research and found answers to some of the most commonly asked questions so we can be a useful source of information for our customers.


Glass and tiles are porous, which means they have minute holes and imperfections on the surfaces. Our water in New Zealand has numerous contaminants in it, which along with shampoo and soaps, adhere to these surfaces.

Water marks are formed when water droplets are left on the surfaces, and the water evaporates off leaving behind minerals. These minerals which have adhered to the porous surfaces are what we see as the milky water marks & stains.

It would be an understatement to say that these stains are difficult to remove.


There are now several products available to remove these marks and prevent your glass, acrylic, tiles and chrome from further marks & staining.

Our favoured option, and the one we most commonly recommend to customers is a product is called EnduroShield. www.surfaceprotect.co.nz

This is sold as a DIY kit with stain remover, glass cleaner and the glass protection liquid (nano technology). This effectively seals the minute holes and imperfections so that water easily rolls down the glass surface.

If these products are used correctly it could be 3 – 10 years before you need to use them again.

Don’t be fooled – it’s hard work (like cutting and polishing your car) but certainly is the least expensive option of the three. The other two predominant products on the market currently will most likely will require a professional applicator which makes it more costly.


Now that the shower glass is back to being crystal clear then we suggest that you ditch the soap and change to using body wash. Body wash tends to simply rinse off, as opposed to soap which is largely composed of fats which will stick to the glass.

If you’re wanting to maintain this ‘new’ look for as long as possible then we suggest that you blade wipe down the glass shower surfaces each time you use the shower.

Most importantly, please note that Showerdome® shower tops are made of high grade acrylic. This product is NOT porous so will attract no water marking whatsoever, hence how we are able to offer a Lifetime Guarantee to remain crystal clear.

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