Stop bathroom condensation, and eliminate mould.

A Showerdome® shower top stops steam and moisture leaving your shower, so you can enjoy mist-free mirrors, a dry bathroom and a warm, clear shower enclosure.

The benefits are clear

Why choose Showerdome?

Our Lifetime Guarantee

Every Showerdome® shower top comes with a Lifetime Guarantee to remain crystal clear, so you can buy with confidence knowing your Showerdome® will stay looking good for many years to come.

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Fits most showers

Showerdome® shower tops are available in a range of shapes and sizes to suit most new and existing showers. Each model can be trimmed during installation to ensure a perfect fit.

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Nationwide installation, or DIY

We have a certified installers nationwide who offer great service and complete peace of mind, and all installers will offer a guarantee of their workmanship. If you have the right tools, DIY is also an option.

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Buy now & pay later, with Laybuy

Pay with 6 weekly payments, interest free. Laybuy lets you buy now and spread the cost over 6 weekly payments. Just select the "pay with laybuy" at checkout.

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Stop bathroom condensation

Put a lid on shower steam

A Showerdome® shower top stops steam and moisture leaving your shower, so you can enjoy mist-free mirrors, a dry bathroom and a warm, clear shower enclosure. Showerdome® shower tops not only eliminate shower steam, they also look completely at home in any bathroom décor with their clean, clear designs.

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Extractor fan alternative

Alternative to an Extractor Fan

As people up and down the country ponder how to achieve a warm, dry, healthy home, we are often asked the question “Is a Showerdome® better than an extractor fan?”. In simple, our answer is a resounding YES! If you don’t make steam in the first place, then you don’t need to extract it. Revelation!

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Commercial projects

For landlords & developers

Consider Showerdome® shower tops as part of standard bathroom specification for your group housing development, spec build, high rise apartment building, rental property management company or motel. Installing a Showerdome® will keep your bathrooms dry, healthy and low maintenance now and into the future.

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Research-proven performance

Research-proven performance

The University of Waikato thoroughly tested the performance of the Showerdome® shower top to ensure the claims we make are backed by scientific evidence.

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Kiwi's love Showerdome!

"My husband was adamant a Showerdome would solve our bathroom moisture problems. But since installing a Showerdome we haven't had to use the extractor fan at all and I also really enjoy that it's now very warm in the shower! "
"With 5 kids, we were always spending money keeping the bathroom dry & healthy - extractor fans, cleaning products - you name it. After installing a Showerdome, there were no more wet walls or mouldy ceilings - the bathroom is so nice and dry. Problems over!"
"I had wet walls in my bathroom all the time, so I installed a Showerdome. Seriously, it’s so good - my bathroom is so nice and dry now. It was really easy to book a time - they were in and out within an hour, easy as. You have to get a Showerdome! "
"Our bathroom wasn’t ventilated, so you just knew if you left after a shower without wiping down, it was going to get mouldy. So we installed a Showerdome! Now I can see while shaving and don't have to worry about bathroom mould any more! Showerdome was an easy fix."
"We fitted a Showerdome to solve two problems - mould on the walls & roof, and condensation on the mirror. With Showerdome your mirror is condensation free, and there has been no mould since. Definitely fit a Showerdome!"
"We got a Showerdome to keep our new house nice and dry, as I’ve got asthma and our little dog suffers from breathing problems. Now no steam escapes the shower, we’re condensation free and I’m certainly not suffering as much with asthma."