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Showerdome ® Shower Top

$299incl. GST
*Installation not included
Showerdome® Shower Top is available in many different shapes and sizes which accommodate most new and existing showers. All prices are the same regardless of the size of your shower.
Is your shower contained within 3 built walls? Stand INSIDE the shower cubicle. Place your tape measure in the middle back corner. Measure from the corner to the inside of the framework on each side.
The shower has a thin metal frame across the top of the glass walls.
The shower has no metal frame across the top of the glass walls.
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Installation Options
 Professional Installer
A local installer will be in touch to arrange a quote within 24hrs, or sooner. Our standard installation rate is $135 incl GST, however rates may vary slightly depending on where you live, or if you have special installation requirements.
 Self Install
Prefer to DIY? You can cut to size (if necessary) and install yourself - comprehensive instructions will be supplied.