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Showerdome® shower tops are available in many different shapes and sizes to accommodate most new and existing showers. All standard Showerdome® shower tops are the same price.
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Buy Showerdome online

$299incl. GST*
*Installation not included
Showerdome® shower tops are available in many different shapes and sizes to accommodate most new and existing showers. All standard Showerdome® shower tops are the same price.
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Will it fit my shower?

There are 14 shapes and sizes of Showerdome® to fit most square, triangular, round front or rectangular showers.

All Showerdome® shower tops are manufactured on blanks that are bigger than required, and are trimmed to size during installation to fit your shower exactly.

Some installations will be more difficult due to the shower design and we strongly recommend that in these instances you use a certified installer.

How to measure your shower

In order to provide accurate measurements – follow the easy steps below

  • Stand inside the shower cubicle (important – you need to make sure the dimensions you enter here are inside dimensions, not exterior dimensions)
  • Place your tape measure in the middle back corner (where the 2 walls meet)
  • Measure from the corner to the inside of the framework on each side (A and B measurements)
  • Ensure you advise the shower shape (square, triangle, curved)

Framed or frameless?

How to tell if your Shower is framed, or frameless

Check the top edge of the glass walls. A framed shower will have a thin metal frame across the top of the walls above the door. A frameless shower will only have glass.

Your installation options

You can choose to buy online and DIY install, or have a professional installer supply & install your Showerdome® shower top.

DIY Installation

Your Showerdome® shower top will be delivered to you as an oversize blank and will need to be cut and installed. A handy person with the appropriate tools should be able to install successfully with care.

You’ll need approximately 2 hours to install and:

  • A tape measure
  • Builders level
  • Masking tape
  • Marker pen
  • Clear sealant adhesive
  • Jigsaw, Multi tool or angle grinder
  • 80 grit sandpaper and block

View our DIY install guide

Professional Installation

Place your order online now, and a certified Showerdome® installer will be in touch to confirm your installation price and book a suitable date to carry out the work. Standard installation is $150 incl GST, however this rate may vary slightly depending on location & install requirements.

Kiwis love Showerdome!

testimonial thumb danella
"My husband was adamant a Showerdome would solve our bathroom moisture problems. But since installing a Showerdome we haven't had to use the extractor fan at all and I also really enjoy that it's now very warm in the shower! "
testimonial thumb marie simon
"With 5 kids, we were always spending money keeping the bathroom dry & healthy - extractor fans, cleaning products - you name it. After installing a Showerdome, there were no more wet walls or mouldy ceilings - the bathroom is so nice and dry. Problems over!"
testimonial thumb destry
"I had wet walls in my bathroom all the time, so I installed a Showerdome. Seriously, it’s so good - my bathroom is so nice and dry now. It was really easy to book a time - they were in and out within an hour, easy as. You have to get a Showerdome! "
testimonial thumb terry
"Our bathroom wasn’t ventilated, so you just knew if you left after a shower without wiping down, it was going to get mouldy. So we installed a Showerdome! Now I can see while shaving and don't have to worry about bathroom mould any more! Showerdome was an easy fix."
testimonial thumb nick alison
"We fitted a Showerdome to solve two problems - mould on the walls & roof, and condensation on the mirror. With Showerdome your mirror is condensation free, and there has been no mould since. Definitely fit a Showerdome!"
testimonial thumb kimberly
"We got a Showerdome to keep our new house nice and dry, as I’ve got asthma and our little dog suffers from breathing problems. Now no steam escapes the shower, we’re condensation free and I’m certainly not suffering as much with asthma."
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