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Since its earliest beginnings the majority of Showerdome® shower top business has been retro fit in existing domestic homes. Showerdome® shower tops have proven to be a simple and honest solution to an age old problem.

With the awareness of the product now at a much higher level there is considerably more interest coming from the commercial sector. Whether that be group housing developers, spec builders, high rise apartment buildings, rental property management companies or motels the requests for information regarding supply only and or supply and fit are increasing. The benefits to each category may differ slightly, but the results are all positive.

Contact us today, to see how Showerdome® shower tops can benefit your venture.

We have Showerdome® Distributors in Hamilton, Tauranga, Wellington and Christchurch who would be more than happy to talk to you about your commercial requirements for supply, and or installation.

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Kiwi's love Showerdome!

"My husband was adamant a Showerdome would solve our bathroom moisture problems. But since installing a Showerdome we haven't had to use the extractor fan at all and I also really enjoy that it's now very warm in the shower! "
"With 5 kids, we were always spending money keeping the bathroom dry & healthy - extractor fans, cleaning products - you name it. After installing a Showerdome, there were no more wet walls or mouldy ceilings - the bathroom is so nice and dry. Problems over!"
"I had wet walls in my bathroom all the time, so I installed a Showerdome. Seriously, it’s so good - my bathroom is so nice and dry now. It was really easy to book a time - they were in and out within an hour, easy as. You have to get a Showerdome! "
"Our bathroom wasn’t ventilated, so you just knew if you left after a shower without wiping down, it was going to get mouldy. So we installed a Showerdome! Now I can see while shaving and don't have to worry about bathroom mould any more! Showerdome was an easy fix."
"We fitted a Showerdome to solve two problems - mould on the walls & roof, and condensation on the mirror. With Showerdome your mirror is condensation free, and there has been no mould since. Definitely fit a Showerdome!"
"We got a Showerdome to keep our new house nice and dry, as I’ve got asthma and our little dog suffers from breathing problems. Now no steam escapes the shower, we’re condensation free and I’m certainly not suffering as much with asthma."