How to reduce moisture in your home

A clean, dry bathroom is a sanctuary. A mouldy, wet bathroom is not. Even if your bathroom is ventilated, moisture vapour always escapes from the shower to fog up your mirror and condense on every surface – especially in winter. And, as we all know, where there’s moisture there’s mould.

Bathrooms become mouldy due to a combination of factors, however moisture from showers plays a major role. The steam generated during showers creates a humid environment that allows moisture to accumulate on walls, ceilings and floors.

This wetness provides an ideal breeding ground for mould and mildew. When you open the bathroom door, water vapour escapes to the rest of the house, adding to moisture from household activities like cooking and breathing.

How can I stop mould in my bathroom?

Preventing mould and mildew growth in your bathroom is all about moisture control. What’s more, controlling moisture will also keep your mirror clear, help your paintwork to last longer and generally make your bathroom a nicer place to be.

The number one cause of bathroom moisture is steam from your shower cubicle. A single shower can contribute up to 1.5 litres of airborne moisture per person. While a bathroom ventilation fan can assist with steam and condensation reduction, it doesn’t stop the water vapour at its source. That’s why Showerdome® is such a sensible solution.

Showerdome is a crystal-clear dome that fits on top of your shower cubicle to stop steam from forming. Custom-cut to fit your shower exactly, Showerdome is almost invisible – like the glass walls of your shower.

Even better, having a Showerdome ensures taking a shower is more enjoyable because warmth stays within the cubicle. You’ll probably use less hot water too, which helps to keep power bills down.

Consumer tested Showerdome in their own shower

Consumer has an article on their website about their own experience with Showerdome. They installed one on the shower at their head office, because users didn’t like dripping walls, a fogged up mirror and damp towels. After using Showerdome, they concluded that it’s an effective way to keep a bathroom dry. In fact, they said it eliminated the need for an extractor fan and mirror demister.

FAQs about moisture and mould in your home


Why does my home get mouldy?

A mouldy home is a damp home. It means there’s too much moisture in the air, from things like cooking, drying clothes inside and bathroom steam. Humans also create moisture through breathing – up to 500ml each a day.

How can I stop mould in my bathroom?

Cleaning will make the mould go away, but only for a while. The long-term solution is to make your bathroom permanently drier by eliminating steam within the shower cubicle. Installing a Showerdome on top of your shower means the steam just doesn’t happen.

How do you stop bathroom mirrors steaming up?

Bathroom mirrors steam up when warm, moist air comes into contact with the cooler surface of the mirror. During a hot shower, the air in the bathroom becomes saturated with moisture from the steam. When this warm, moisture-laden air meets the cooler surface of the mirror, it condenses into tiny water droplets, causing the mirror to fog up. The solution is Showerdome, which keeps the moisture within your shower cubicle.

What can mould do to your health?

Exposure to mould can have adverse effects on health, ranging from mild allergic reactions to more severe respiratory issues and worsening of ongoing conditions like asthma. Mould releases spores and potentially harmful mycotoxins into the air. These can be inhaled and lead to symptoms such as nasal congestion, coughing, wheezing, throat irritation and skin rashes.  Lots of materials we use in buildings can give mould a nice place to hang out and grow. Things like paper, cardboard, wood, dust, paint, wallpaper and carpets can be perfect spots for mould to thrive.

Is Showerdome easy to install?

Most people get a professional to install their Showerdome, however you can also do it yourself if you’re pretty handy with the tools. Your Showerdome is always cut to fit your shower cubicle exactly, to ensure the best result. Whether you choose to DIY or have your Showerdome professionally installed, the acrylic top comes with a lifetime guarantee to remain crystal clear.  To ensure the guarantee applies to you, it needs to be activated.

Find out more about Showerdome

Showerdome is a New Zealand-made solution to the problem of moisture control in your bathroom. Read more about the benefits of Showerdome.

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