How can we make the claim ‘Saves Energy’?

One of the many benefits we claim is that owning a Showerdome shower top will ‘Save Energy’. We’re all becoming more environmentally aware, and cost conscious. I’m sure you’ll agree that making a ‘saving’ on your energy bill is appealing.

Let’s take a look at these energy saving benefits in more detail:-

Fitting a dome on a shower makes the shower much hotter because you’re not heating the whole room, just the shower cubicle – the hot water tap must be turned down to bring the temperature back to a comfortable level. Typical reduction is 4*C.
Result – energy saving.

Extractor fans are not required. Turning a fan on while showering actually creates more moisture because it effectively draws more cool air into the bathroom – that’s what causes the steam. (Warm moist air mixing with cooler air).  Fans should only be used to ventilate and dry the room after ablutions are complete.  If the room is completely dry as a result of the Showerdome – no fan is required.
Result – energy saving.

Windows are often opened to ventilate damp bathrooms. Not required if the Showerdome has stopped the steam being made in the first place. An open window quickly lets huge amounts of warm (expensively heated) air out of the home in winter. Keep windows and vents closed during cooler weather.
Result – energy saving.

As bathrooms tend to be cold damp rooms (because of vents, moisture, etc) people use heaters – usually heat lamps – in bathrooms. Of course this makes things worse – warm air holds more moisture (but it can’t be seen) and when the room cools down after use there is even more condensed damp. With a Showerdome there is no need for heaters.
Result – energy saving.

Many homes now have electrically heated mirrors. With a Showerdome the mirror doesn’t mist up (because there is no moisture in the room) therefore the heating elements are not required.
Result – energy saving.

Lots of people resort to dehumidifiers in the bathroom and in the home generally to rid dampness much of which is caused by shower steam. No steam – no dehumidifier.
Result – energy saving.

As the bathroom is a dry room, towels dry much quicker.  There is no need to run your heated towel rail.
Result – energy saving.

Having a Showerdome substantially reduces cleaning time and cleaning materials in the bathroom.
Result – ecologically better, less household expense, more leisure time.

Warm dry homes are much healthier.  Moisture feed dust mites which are recognised as the cause of many health problems (eg. asthma in children, rheumatics in elderly).
Result – improved health.

Many modern homes have an ensuite off the bedrooms. Moisture from the showers permeates the bedroom making carpets, drapes, bedding and cloths damper. The Showerdome shower top stops all shower generated steam.
Result – warmer moisture free bedrooms.

As you’ll see – there are so many benefits to installing a Showerdome shower top, and we’re confident that you’ll agree that our claim of ‘Saves Energy’ is one that we can back up.  So, what are you waiting for?!

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