Customer story – Terry

As our bathroom wasn’t ventilated, you just knew if you left after a shower without wiping down, it was going to get mouldy. So we installed a Showerdome! The service was excellent, and they arrived very quickly. Now I can see while shaving and don't have to worry about bathroom mould any more! Showerdome was an easy fix.

Video transcript: The bathroom wasn’t ventilated, we needed something for it. There was condensation on the windows and the mirrors and you just felt if you left it, it was going to be mouldy.

We had heard about Showerdome at the Home Show, came across them and saw that the Showerdome was going to be an easy fix to sort the ventilation issue we had in the bathroom.

The service was excellent, what really impressed me was how quickly they arrived. It was far quicker than we were able to arrange the fitting.

One of the really nice things is you can turn on the shower, it’s nice and warm in there and it stays warm. One of the benefits is being able to shave without a misty mirror and not have to constantly wipe down the mirror.

I was a bit concerned originally that the dome might be a little bit low. The fact I’m quite tall we don’t have the problem of overspray, spray bouncing off into the rest of the bathroom. My wife was always complaining about mopping up outside the shower.

I would recommend Showerdome simply because it keeps the condensation within the cubicle. You’re not constantly worried about mould or mildew or condensation on the ceiling.

Showerdome is the ideal thing.

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