Buying a Showerdome during lockdown

Some of your most frequently asked questions from the last couple of weeks, answered.

Having been on the receiving end of your questions via our website LiveChat function over the past 2 weeks, I thought it was timely to do a Q&A session on your most commonly asked queries.

It’s really encouraging to see that so many of you are planning ahead for when the lockdown restrictions are lifted.  We can’t wait to get back to ‘business as usual’ – and are doing everything we can to make this time as productive as possible ‘behind the scenes’.

The most commonly asked question is:-


No, we are strictly abiding by the Level 4 restrictions as we are not an essential business.

We are however, still taking orders on our website for Showerdome® shower top sales.  We have plenty of stock in the warehouse, just waiting to be ‘picked, packed & dispatched’ (one of our favourite sayings!)

Any orders received during this lockdown period will be our FIRST PRIORITY the moment the restrictions are lifted.


If you are wanting to book an installer to do a professional Showerdome® shower top installation – please contact them directly.

An installer can provide a one-stop-shop for you, meaning you can buy your Showerdome & installation as one package through them.

Our installer network are all independant contractors, and this is the reason we are unable to take payment for the installation side of the booking via our website.

While we could sell you the Showerdome® shower top on our website – we are obviously very conscious that our installer network will be feeling the effects of this situation deeply, and we want to support them, and direct business to them wherever we can.


I’ve had numerous queries on the best way to clean your Showerdome® shower top.

I’m loving the fact that so many of you are using this enforced ‘down time’ to get on top of your spring cleaning!

Apart from gathering dust on the top, it is unlikely that your Showerdome® shower top will need much cleaning. You can use a long reach feather duster to flick any dust off.

We recommend using a microfiber cloth with a standard glass cleaner if you feel the Showerdome® shower top needs a more thorough clean. Many of them have anti-static properties (like Pledge), which assist with repelling the dust from settling on the top.

Do NOT use strong cleaners, scrubbing devices or abrasives of any nature.

I hope this helps, and want to thank you again for touching base with us.  It gives us great confidence that we will get through this unusual time, and be back to fully operational as soon as possible.  We must remain positive, and keep doing as advised.

Stay safe, stay home.  Save lives.

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