Benefits of installing a Showerdome® in your rental property

If you own a rental property, a Showerdome® shower top should be TOP of your to-do list!  It will cost you less than $500, but will save you multitudes more than that over the lifetime of the bathroom.

If you are a landlord or property investor – this blog is for you, my friends.

Owning residential property as an investment in New Zealand is a cornerstone of our psyche.  We’ve been brought up to study hard, work harder, and invest in bricks and mortar.  It’s long been a kiwi dream to have one, if not more rental properties as a ‘nest egg’ for retirement.   For many investors, it goes beyond creating a passive income, and is an extremely successful way of building wealth.

To be profitable though, you need to be savvy.  Every dollar counts as there are a myriad of issues that can arise adding costly lines on the wrong side of your ledger.

Repairs & Maintenance are always the biggest expenses in any rental accounts, and that’s where we can help.

As a landlord, you’ll know all too well that repairing and repainting the bathroom & ceiling between each tenancy is almost a given.  Moisture causes damage, there is no two ways about it.  And in a bathroom, moisture is somewhat unavoidable.

If you own a rental property, a Showerdome® shower top should be TOP of your to-do list!  It will cost you less than $500, but will save you multitudes more than that over the lifetime of the bathroom.

A Showerdome® shower top eliminates the moisture from your bathroom, leaving the paint on the walls and ceilings as dry as any other room in the house.  It is a one-off expense, with no moving parts, and no electricity required to run it.

Survey results

Of the 300 people that purchased their Showerdome® specifically for ‘A rental property that I own’ – over one third of them are repeat customers.  Once they’ve done one and seen the benefit – they come back time & time again.

Another third of them stated their influencing purchase decision as being ‘Word of Mouth / referral’.  Speaking with others, and hearing the tangible savings that fitting a Showerdome® can bring to the balance sheet was motivation enough.  Winning!

Here’s just a small sample of the comments that we’ve received via our survey, specifically from Landlords:-


  • This is my 5th Every time I purchase or renovate a property, I put Showerdome in straight away.  I recommend them to everyone.
  • I have renovated many properties and always install a Showerdome. They make an enormous difference in the longer term reducing maintenance and protecting paintwork.  Always very happy with the result.
  • Great product. I put them in all my properties.
  • After installing this one, I have plans to put them in all my rentals.
  • We have two Showerdomes in our home, and now two in two rental properties. I wouldn’t be without them.

Without a doubt, installing a Showerdome shower top will save you money when it comes to repairs & maintenance, and as an added bonus, your tenants get to enjoy a warmer, drier, healthier home.

Who doesn’t love a win / win?

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