Around the World with Showerdome

Showerdome® has gone global! From NZ, to Australia, Ireland and England ... we are on the move!

If you’re a true blue Kiwi – you’ll know that it’s engrained in us to travel, see the world, and have overseas experiences from a young age.

Our very own Showerdome® baby has heeded this advice, and is currently off exploring new markets, making friends & gaining admirers along the way.


First stop on the itinerary was Showerdome Australia where we touched down in 2012.

Our friendly team are based in Melbourne, and offer a supply and installation option in the metro area.  For new friends outside this zone, we’ll happily pack a Showerdome® shower top up with all it needs for an inter-state excursion, and freight it anywhere in Australia.

With happy customers across Australia, we know how impressed they are with the benefits of a Showerdome, so it’s only a matter of time before they’re claiming it as an ‘Aussie invented’ product.  Crowded House with a side of Pavlova anyone?  😉

In any case, we’d happily share bragging rights – she’s a corker of a product, and our trans-Tasman rivalry can surely bear the weight of this joint success.


Next stop on our travels is NZ’s very own doppelganger – the Emerald Isle with Showerdome Ireland.

Both known for their wide expanses of lush green fields, and with a similar general climate, it was a no-brainer for an ex-pat Kiwi who now resides there.

Having experienced Showerdome® whilst living in New Zealand, Rob was a true believer in the product – enough so to make it his business when he relocated to live in County Cork.

Rob offers a supply and install option within his local county, and will package and ship within the rest of Ireland.


Our most recent destination is Showerdome UK, which has recently changed hands and is managed by John Morgan, based near Liverpool.

Servicing the whole of England, John has been able to slot Showerdome® into his current business dealing in plumbing supplies, which is the perfect synergy.  He too offers a supply and install option locally, or shipping nationwide.

So there you have it, Queen & country now have access to the best invention since sliced bread – “Chuffed” to say the least!


Personally, I think ‘Showerdome Paris’, or ‘Showerdome Santorini’ have a nice ring to them – so I’m putting dibs on those distributorships!  😉

Seriously though, tell your friends and family (whether they’re near, or far!) about the benefits of Showerdome®.  Tell them it saves them money as they won’t be having to redecorate their bathroom every few years.  Convince them to save that money, and come down under to visit the ‘home of Showerdome’!

Better still… get them to pay for a ticket for you to go there – and get back to doing what we love most.  Exploring the world and being the adventurous little kiwi’s that we are!

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