Showerdome® Lifetime Guarantee

Your Showerdome® shower top is made from a high grade plexi-glass acrylic, and therefore comes with a lifetime guarantee to remain crystal clear.

This guarantee relates to the Showerdome® shower top product itself, and does not cover the installation. Workmanship needs to be guaranteed by the installer.

To validate your product guarantee, you must register your product online at It is important that you read & understand the terms of use to ensure correct use of the product.

Use of your Showerdome®
Your Showerdome® shower top is designed to provide a barrier between the warm, moist air inside the shower cubicle, and the cooler air in the bathroom. There are several things you need to do to maximise the efficiency of your Showerdome® shower top.

  • Keep the shower door closed while showering
  • Close any bathroom windows
  • Turn OFF any extractor fans in the bathroom

After exiting the shower, close the shower door for a few minutes (while drying yourself), to allow the shower cubicle to cool down.

Upon leaving the bathroom, you must open the shower door, allowing the cubicle to dry.

Apart from gathering dust on the top, it is unlikely your Showerdome® shower top will require much cleaning.

To manage the dust, use a long reach feather duster or a soft microfibre style cloth.

Do NOT use strong cleaners, scrubbing devices or abrasives of any nature.
We recommend using a standard window cleaner or Pledge style product, as it has anti-static properties that assist with repelling dust.

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Where to buy Showerdome®

Where to buy Showerdome®

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